Do lawyers gossip? Yes, they do. If the judge seats late, junior lawyers gossip about their seniors in chambers, the bad pay, having to do menial jobs, bad conditions of service etc. The senior lawyers gossip about the judicial system, judges, judicial staff and the most notorious court bailiffs. The lawyers often say amongst themselves that some judges do not know the law, that the judge has a lot of petitions “hanging on his/her neck”. They complain about the mode of appointment of judges. They sometimes commend the good judges. For example I never practiced under the late Hon. Justice JIC Taylor but older lawyers say a lot of good things about him.

I do not know what lady lawyers gossip about. Men gossip aloud but ladies do theirs in whispers. If you do not want to join the gossips always go to court armed with a novel and start reading. If you go with a newspaper a counsel can start a discussion from the newspaper headline.

Better still go to court with your smart phone, ipad and start browsing, read the newspapers on line, go to don’t have to join in the gossip.

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